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Blog — 04 December 2012



This was a beautiful week in Kansas City and it look like next week is going to be the same.  This is a mixture of old and new clothes: Shirt & Vest- Target

Jeans- Vault Denim

Ugg Boots

Handbag- Christian- Elleelyse.com

Flower – Simply Sweet~a Little Lady Boutique

I wasn’t sure if this vest was super cute or totally ulgy…thoughts?

Linking up to WIWW @ The Pleated Poppy, come check out all the other fashionistas!

Loving What I Do!!



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  1. So excited to see that we can comment! I don’t think I could do the camo, but your’e workin’ it!

    • Thanks Mandy! We are really excited about being able to have a comments box, it’s the little things right?!

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