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Blog — 30 November 2012

As of late, most of my fun Holiday nail inspirations comes from Pinterest. Here are three of the ideas I have liked and think would look amazing this holiday season.  (*The pink example in the middle was originally found on yummynails.tumblr.com)  With these as my inspirations, I thought I could do a little DIY and see how easy it was to do it at home.  EASY or NOT?   Keep reading…..

@Lauren Corcoran hunter green & gold for fall and holidays Pretty pretty nailssomething I could actually do! Paint 1 color. Dry. Cut tape with scrapbooking scissors, apply to nails. Paint with 2nd color. Remove tape. Apply top coat. Great Idea!

I braved the great unknown and tried one for myself. I bought the SALON EFFECTS Sally Hansen Real Nail Polish Strips at my local Walgreens. Its a basic peel & stick process.

Some things to do prior to starting this:

1. Remove all old nail polish and do a quick filing and trimming of your nails.

2. Read through the entire instruction sheet included in the packaging.

3. Have your phone close in case it rings because moving around a lot can lead to a mess.

4. Keep a clear coat fast dry nail polish on hand to apply after you are done with the polish strip to prevent chipping. Fast Dry or InstaDry because I don’t know about you but sitting still for more than five minutes is a luxury that comes few and far between in my world.

Ok, now that your work space is clear and you know what you are doing begin by choosing which nail to apply the polish strip. Just for the sake of seeing which placement I like best I chose two different fingers. I used my middle finger on my right hand and my ring finger on my left hand. With that said, I prefer my ring finger for both hands.

Start with the finger on the hand you do not write with. The first time application feels a bit awkward but not impossible by any means.

I painted the remaining fingers with a copper China Glaze color. A friend is going to try this technique and use an iridescent espresso brown from the OPI’s “The World Is Not Enough” – James Bond collection. Look for an update to this blog with her pics.

So what new nail trends do you want to see us try here at Elle Elyse? Magnetic, sponge fade, lace??? Let us know via the comment box right here on our blog. Or, take some pics of your favorite DIY nail polish tricks and send them to us :)

Loving What I Do!



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